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  • Linda and Del Coolidge  Whitefish, MT  "If you are here--reading this-- you already know the extremely attractive aspects.  We enjoyed Sin Duda tremendously.  Hope to return.  We are very fortunate to have the ancient conections and parallels with Margo and Robert: Whitefish and Polebridge--hope to return with Gary/Erin/Charles/Susan and etc." 

  • Nicolas-Laurence-Chantal Breton & Eric LeBel Quebec City, Canada  "Just perfect!  What a treat ... The MOST relaxing vacation we've ever had.  Margo and Robert are just soooo nice, the dogs are fun to be around, the kayaking, the snorkeling just so fine.  Our teenagers loved to snorkel and play with the fish on the Reef.  We had a wonderful time.  Gotta' come back!  We had a super good dinner at the Leaky Palapa."

  • Barbara and Mac McEldowney Evergreen, CO  "We loved our stay in Bailando!  Thank you so much for your kind generosities.  We are charmed once again by the wonderful setting and accommodations.  To awaken to the expanse of sea and sand makes for a perfect vacation.  Until next time ... love Barbara & Mac."  

  • Mike and Kathy Fouhy, Schenectady, NY  "Margo and Robert and Corgis, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and especially appreciated the lunar show you arranged!  You have created a most pleasant and relaxing place--without a doubt!  (Kathy)  Full moon, lunar eclipse, clear nights, my birthday and a lesson on the night skies--now that's style!  So back to winter we go, but will see you next year! (Mike)"  

  • Suzanne, Dan, Cade Wollenhaupt  Lakewood, CO “You never know what you’re in for when you jab your finger on a map and say, “Let’s go there.”  But, what a treat Sin Duda has been!!  We can’t sum it up with all of the obvious … the great snorkeling, kayaks through the “Mangles”.. but all I know is we shared great times as a family with Margo and Lyda and the Boys.  Sorry we missed Robert!!  We gained great perspective on each other and the world around us.  Thank you, Sin Duda.  P.S. The Leaky Palapa is some of the best food we’ve had anywhere!!!”  

  • Ian and Laura New York, NY  "Serious relaxation coupled with snorkeling, biking and kayaking--WONDERFUL.  We loved waking up to the sunrise and making big batches of guacamole.  Margo, Robert, all the staff and all the locals we met were nothing but smiles and sincerely nice.  P.S. Ian saw a bird with a big beak while kayaking in the lagoon! :)"

  • Alexander Samuchov Family Vilnius, Lithuania, Europe  "Our family travels quite a lot.  We always stay in small apartment houses or inns like Sin Duda.  Two weeks ago our favorite place was Sorolinia in Italy, but since we are here, Sin Duda and hosts, Margo and Robert are the champions.  This has been the best vacation for our family.  Thank you."

  • Dave & Paul, two friends Eugene, OR  "I give Xcalak and Sin Duda two thumbs up.  An uncommon coincidence of natural beauty, hospitality and fishing.  I will recommend this place to all my friends.  Oh, Paul came with me .... but never mind."

  • Chris Goldberg & Alison Diviney  Sunnyside, N.Y.    "Margo-Robert, you have built a wonderful community at Sin Duda and we thank you for including us in it for a short time.  I had a feeling about Sin Duda and it was even better than I expected.  I haven't been in a rhythm in life this nice for a long time.  Please keep in touch and ask me about those Spanish iPodcasts (Chris); M & R -- Sin Duda answered my prayers of relaxation more than I could have imagined.  This is truly the way to live and your kindness and ability to welcome us with open arms was a big part of why I loved it here.  I hope to one day become a neighbor so these feelings can be permanent (after the "potholes" are filled, of course).  With lots of love and thanks, Alison."

  • Esther Gottfried & Family  Portland OR   "Had a great time with our two kids, loved the quiet, the snorkeling and the stars.  Great hosts, Margo and Robert, made everything even better.  Loved the masks and other artwork!"

  • Luke & Bobbi-Jo Rust  Lebanon NH to Portland OR   "Que Bueno! (from our first trip-- What a great place for our Honeymoon!  (Another visit) We continue to come back (twice this year) -- And Feliz Navidad .  (Another visit) This time with even more of the family!  Fishing, snorkeling, sunbathing cannot be better.  We’re sure those bonefish are happy to see us go.  Thank you for the wonderful time, Love, Dr. Luke/Bobbi Jo"

  • Eric James & Judy Carr  Calgary Canada   "Quiet!!!  What a wonderful relaxing time.  Exciting astronomy talk!  Thank you for the comfortable, clean and lovely quiet holiday and with the chance to discover and explore birds, fish and the stars."

  • Ramona Garduno-Jeff Schwartzberg   Santa Fe, NM   "Robert and Margo, along with their caring staff make Sin Duda feel like your "home away from home."  Comfortable, relaxed and charming.  We love it here and will continue to return."

  • Josh Blomquist and Sam Robbins Bozeman, MT   I will never forget the astronomy lesson from Robert!  Thank you.  Thanks also for all your help with arranging the best rides.  Thoroughly enjoyed my time here, so glad we came.  GO Bobcats!

  • Lori Cunningham and Dan Black  New Westminster, BC Canada  "We came for 10 days and our level of relaxation feels like we've been here 3 weeks!  Beautiful, welcoming, wonderfully fascinating hosts and guests.  Stunningly beautiful scenery, beautiful warm water.  So glad we came to visit and likely will return."

  • Katherine, Ken, Dee and Steve  Whitebird & Cherrylane, Idaho    "Helpful and hospitable, always greeting interruptions and questions with a smile, so generous with the Margo-ritas and conversation--that's our Margo and Robert.  The Idaho bunch (K and K's third visit) is already talking about next year.  Meanwhile, we'll talk about the fishing:  Big bone caught right in front of the Villa, the snorkeling (a turtle, nurse shark and rays) were highlights, and of course the toothy grin of Barry the Barracuda.  Paddling in the Lagoons (the wetlands are a slog, but ohhhh, the birds).  Until next year's adventures, thank you Margo and Robert and your whole crew for taking such good care of us!  The Idaho Bunch.

  • William & Aimee Lee Cheek  San Diego, CA  "Beguiling sea breezes, sometimes stunning beauty, tasteful decor, convenient sleeping and dining arrangements, reliable cleaning service, a plethora of visual treats and aquatic adventures, prompt, efficient and charming innkeepers.  As our male host is fond of saying, "very good."  And to paraphrase Paul Newman's "Hustler," .. "You shoot a great game of pool, Margo."

  • Allison Schmidt (Marine Biologist) & Diego Ibarra  Halifax, NS Canada   "This place is heaven!! Such an amazing setting: blue skies and even blu-er water.  Although the corals have taken a beating from [Hurricane Dean 2007] they are recovering nicely.  Lots of fish and coral variety.  We loved it so much we snorkeled at least 3 times/day.  Saving the best for last-- the service is incredible.  Robert & Margo are stars!!  They took us in and accommodated us, which was no small feat because there were 6 of us-- after our reservation at another place nearby fell through.  After such a stressful event (we drove 5 hours from Cancun to have no place to stay), we were welcomed with 'Margoritas' and smiles.  We were shown to our beautifully decorated rooms.  The Mexicano in the group commented on the authenticity of the decor.  We spent such a wonderful time with gracious hosts doing everything in their power to make us comfortable--we'll definitely be back.  Thank you for all you did.  Warm wishes, Ali & Diego."

  • Diane, Stephen, Katy Tosh & Elena Dugan, Brooklyn, NY "It's such a big world, and I spend so much time looking for special places to visit--some for natural beauty, for history, culture, company, comfort, atmosphere-- some just for fun.  No matter how much research you do, when a little hotel is this remote, you just get a feeling and trust your instincts.  I am so happy we did!  Sin Duda Villas has all the things on my list above, plus Margo and Robert, whom I could easily mistake for my siblings (if they'd claim me!); plus Jennifer and Jamison, who are so lovely.  The setting and every design detail are amazing, but as always, it's the people who give Sin Duda such loving care--making it so interesting and even more fun!! (Diane).  "What a beautiful place!  Despite the barracuda, who doubtless still wish they'd gotten a hold on me, I felt at home, calm and more relaxed here than I can remember having been before.  Plus the laser pointer was terrific! (Elena).  "I second Elena on how beautiful and relaxing it is here! (despite the stress of helping Elena through her emotional struggle of seeing a barracuda!)  Life is so wonderful here with the snorkeling, the remote atmosphere, the cute dogs, the lunar eclipse (did you plan that?) and most of all the laser pointer.  I'm so sad to leave, but don't worry, I'll definitely be back (Katy)."  "Okay, I know I already had my own comment box, plus some others, but I felt that my comment was missing an important point:  I forgot to mention that above everything else--including the laser pointer, the most incredible part of Sin Duda Villas is you two, Margo & Robert.  So great to meet you all, Margo and Robert, Jennifer and Jamison.  Okay, I'm done.  Promise.  (Katy)"

  • Dan Welander and Jessa Canfield, Skane, Sweden  "A starry night on the Laguna Room balcony with a sky bursting with stars was the back-drop of Dan's proposal!  Such a very romantic setting--sand, sea, sun and friends.  It was the PERFECT day!  Thank you Sin Duda for everything, (Love, Jessa)  / After months of search, we found the perfect place: Sin Duda.  The starry night (under the sign of the Scorpion) marked our first happy step toward the future.  The atmosphere, the beach--everything made us feel welcome and at home.  We will definitely be back.  Thanks for everything! (Dan)"

  • Bette Roth  Newton, MA  A letter January 09 from Newton: "Hi Margo and Robert, Thank you again for our wonderful visit to Xcalak.  We had such a great time enjoying the rooms, the beach, relaxing and getting to know you both.  You were perfect hosts who accommodated our every need and helped us strike the perfect balance between eco-living and vacationing.  I hope we can return some day.  In the meantime, we had an unexpected negative consequence of visiting -- we found we were all addicted to your granola and have been in withdrawal since we got back.  We ate it with yogurt each morning, you know our kids loved the yogurt.  Is there any way you could share your recipe?  We would be most grateful.  Hugs, Bette."

  • Ryan and Erin Park, Bellevue WA   "Robert and Margo, Wow!  Without a doubt Sin Duda was exactly what we needed!  Relaxing end-of-the-road, paradise.  You are all great:  Margoritas, Robert's astro lessons, Jamison's culinary creations, and Jenny's stunning silver jewelry--all reasons to come back soon.  So we'll not say goodbye, but 'hasta luego' --Maybe even in Seattle!"

  • Claudia Carpio  Washington, D.C.   "M & R, you just made us feel at home, spoiled, in a beautiful setting and we couldn't enjoy more, the cocina area playing Dominos w/Andrew, Deborah and Josh.  We'll definitely miss this and hope to come back soon.  Loved the beach, riding bicycles and chatting with you."

  • Phil & Liesbeth Robison, Seattle WA   "Stickbugs, geckos, hermit crabs, turtles, shooting stars, puffer fish, tiny hummingbirds, barracuda, sting rays, squeaky cats, Corgis, Frigate Birds, and a waaay wonderful hostess.  Me encanta este lugar, muchas gracias!  Hasta luego y nos vamos!  Oh yes, handsome gulls with their serious eyebrows!"

  • Victoria S. & David J., New York, NY   "Thank you, Margo and Robert for a truly relaxing few days.  It's the small things, like watching hermit crabs and the stars come into view that can restore New Yorkers.  I'm so impressed with the corner of paradise you've created, V.  Thank you for a wonderful time.  Next vacation I hope to play horseshoes and throw the ball with the dogs. D.
    BOOK:  Animals and Plants of the Ancient Maya: A Guide

  • Jim, Jill & Emily Harris, Seattle, WA   "We enjoyed returning to the daily cycle of the sun since time became irrelevant.  Sin Duda provided a wonderful place to relax and recharge.  It was great to see Robert and Margo again after so many years.  Also .... don't forget --I'm leaving as the current 'Shoe Champ'.

  • Don Brubeck & Lynn Shimamoto, Seattle WA   "Muchissimos gracias!  Como una luna de miel.  Great to hear stories, see what you have built and that you're still going 15 directions at once and still grounded by the dogs.  A most beautiful, relaxing place."

  • Allison and Bryan Jones  Atlanta, GA   "We saved a link to your web page for years!  Not disappointed.  Looking forward to additions; see you next time with the kids."

  • Claire Romero and David Bomse, Santa Fe, NM   "The relaxing breezes of Sin Duda permeated my whole body.  Margo and Roberto are good role models for enjoying the beautiful place in which they live.  Hospitality and warmth are wonderful!"

  • Greg and Sue Carlson, Faribault, MN   "This visit has been very relaxing--just what we needed!  We loved the lagoon out back, the beach, the social hour.  We hope to see you again, this part of Mexico is our type of place."

  • Bill and Pam Frank, Leonard, MI  (Read for 4th visit  "Wow, w)hat a wonderfully beautiful place!  Sin Duda has everything--sun, beautiful views, snorkeling, walks on the beach, Corgis, wildlife--any and everything one would want while on vacation.  M and R have taken such great care of us--answering all our many questions, setting up tours and making dinner reservations.  We feel we have had the perfect vacation.  Thank you.  P.S. Tell Petey to take it easy until his stitches are out!" ---  "Our second visit to Sin Duda and yet again a wonderful experience.  The view from our room was stunning and every day was a delight.  During many of our snorkeling adventures we saw barracuda, rays, cuttle fish--well, every type of fish.  We love it here and love the warm welcome extended by Margo and Robert.  Thank you for everything and we'll be back again."

  • Amy Abramski & Owen Hay  Seattle WA    "Words cannot express how much we love / ed SDV.  You two were a wealth of information; we loved talking to and learning from you.  The amenities were excellent; thank you for letting us use so many books from the Library.  The snorkeling was amazing.  We shall definitely be back and will be sure to make a stop by Pete's Market before we come!"

  • Jessica Mirmak, Los Angeles, CA  "Thank you so much for the incredible hospitality.  Though we were away from home on Christmas, you made us feel as though we were family!  Hope to come back and experience the magic again.  Tom Petty is au naturel!!!"

  •  Layla Cooper, Oakland, CA    "We loved our trip here!  You have created a truly special place.  Thank you for the gracious and warm hospitality and all the helpful information--even us city girls were able to experience magical snorkeling and kayak trips!  I'm guessing we'll be back as it seems no one can visit just once.  Tom Petty rocks!!!  Ask about the "Yeti Crab!"

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  • Deniz & Greg  Boise, ID --  "Our trips here are becoming a tradition; looking forward to this time next year when we return .... with a bambino in tow   Here's Ayla!, and amazing, Kristy & Tony again."  
    BLOG:  A Day in the Life of Ayla 

  • Cathy & Carol  Seattle, WA --  "What a tough vacation.  The choices are difficult--to sit in a lounge chair and read or to move over to the hammock for a nap?  To pet the Corgis or the kitties?  To swim or to snorkel?  Kayak or take a boat trip courtesy of XTC?  This can be really rugged!  We have never been anywhere that has transformed us like this.  Evenings spent talking to wonderful people are followed by lovely nights of sleep listening to the wind and the ocean.  Robert and Margo--you are evil!  Do you think we want to go home?  Hardly!  No, we want to live here forever.  We'll be cussing you next week as we reaquaint ourselves with the real world.  Thanks so much to Margo, Robert, Lyda, Bubba, Mochie, Petey, Callie, Spot and Bandita."

  • Phoebe & Phil Newman  Alaska (now OR) --"Why did we choose Sin Duda?  "Sin duda" was the only phrase my husband, Phil, knew in Spanish; so when I saw the listings (Fodors & MoonPublishing & Lonely Planet), I figured there was "a message" .  And it was SUCH a message!!   What we loved: The raucous gekko, Robert's fanciful doo-dahs and sublime architecture; Margo's ever-thoughtful, laughing, helpful nature; Ruth and Jose and the sparkling child; the doggies; being able to walk into the sea, lie down in the warm, clear water, to see the most dazzling fishes and other creatures.  
        If you are very, very good, Ruth might put the Teddy-Bear sheets on your bed!
        If you are very, very good, Margo may give you a snazzy crew cut!
        If you are very, very good, Robert may let you guess what are those millions of plastic spheres!
        If you are very, very, VERY good, you may get to return to Sin Duda!  Always and often!"

  • Jim and Orly  Vancouver, BC CA  "This was truly a week in paradise!! and just what we needed so far away from Canadian winter, and oh so peaceful and relaxing.  Thank you, Robert and Margo for being such warm and welcoming hosts.  We are already planning for a return visit to this place which heals the soul."

  • Sasha Price & Jen Walling California & New York --  "Two girls named Sasha & Jen, Will return to Sin Duda again, they'll lie on the beach, for Tequila they'll reach and exclaim, what a good trip it's been!"

  • Terry Hunefeld  San Diego, CA    "Ask Robert about:  (1) Chachalacas and Yucatan Jays.  (2) The constellations.  (3) The alignment of the building.  (4) Everisto.  (5) The Burned out Bridge (go see it)!  (6) (to be announced)  (7) Shoes (ladies shoes) and Barbys.  (8) Jaguars and Tapirs and Gators.  (9) God, Hillary and George W."

  • Bill & Jane  Ludington, MI --"Our first trip south of continental US and we didn't want to leave!  So  many memories--snorkeling, beach walks, kayaking, sunsets & moon rises, so much more.  Margo, Robt, Mariano, Ruth, Jose, dogs & kittens.  It was like being home.  We will be back!"  P.S. and we've returned--almost every year!  "This is our 4th visit and already we have tickets to return in August.  Thoughts of SDV help us to get through the long Michigan winters.  Peace, beauty and always new friendships.  It can't get any better than this -- this little corner of Mexico is truly a paradise, can't wait to see you in August! " (8 yrs of visiting to 2011)

  • Mickey & Bob Fray  Greenville, SC  -- "Sin Duda--so appropriately named because this is without a doubt the ultimate in romantic get-aways.  The solitude, remoteness and beauty are all stunning; yet we felt among friends.  Though the getting here is not for the faint-of-heart-- the heart and soul are refreshed, nourished and nurtured by being so close to and participating in the natural world--the way every place should be.  Thank you for establishing such a refuge from our hectic lives and sharing it so graciously.  We look forward to a return visit now that we've found the river . . . and are comfortable with snorkeling.  We got the relaxing part right away!"

  • Laurie Lockert/Kathleen Roy & Michael Roy  Portland OR    "Thank you for having the vision and perseverance to create Sin Duda.  We have had a wonderful, relaxing time as well as learning about the stars and reefs, etc.  Many thanks also for letting Michael hang out with you while we went out--he really enjoyed being with you, away from us.  To find a place so welcoming and "low tech" with such gracious people has made this a vacation we'll always remember.  Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness; come see us when you are in Portland.  [Michael: I think this place is awesome and if I can come here again--I will!--and I did! ] "

  • Tony & Kristy Nice  Bellevue, WA  "Wow!  We always say you and Robt are the best hosts in the hemisphere!  On arrival, we feel we're the one couple you've been waiting to see again--feels like a homecoming!  Our favorite coffee was awaiting us, ran upstairs and made a cup!  And to our great surprise and happiness, we found Deniz & Greg here with Ayla -- it doesn't get much better.  Thank you M and R for a wonderful couple of weeks.  We leave here happy and refreshed.  By the way, how DID you manage that Lunar Eclipse just for us--you're amazing!  See you again!  With great affections, K & T."

  • Yuko Ashida & Manny Kazan  Glendale NY --  "We enjoyed our stay here so much, we extended our visit!  We snorkeled & dived the beautiful reefs every day, and would have liked to snorkel more days, weeks and months.  The people of Xcalak are amazing; the food at Leaky Palapa is world class!  We're excited to come back."

  • Elizabeth & Dean  Eugene, OR --  "We just had the best time here!  Truly nature at its best!  We could hardly leave the beach to bird-watch; it was that relaxing.  Looking forward to returning.  Thanks, Robert for all the info about the natural world!"

  • Sarah Wiley & Drew Colenbrander  Midland, MI   "We have never visited the same place twice between one Spring Break and the next, but Sin Duda is forcing us to break that rule.  M and R and Corgis, you have created a place that has everything, including your wonderful selves and we plan to be back here (if you will have us), December 2007 and Spring Break 2008--in our beloved Bailando--the most perfect kitchen we've traveled to.  Hugs to you two and your dear Corgis! 
    WEBSITE:  Sarah & Drew's Tours--traveling through history

  • Fern and Peter  Putney, VT to Savannah GA --  "After 10 years of visiting, it's probably time to make a comment.  Every March we escape cabin fever and the first coming of mud season to relax in the sun and be warmed by the cloudless skies.  Retreating to Sin Duda is about making an annual trek to catch up with Margo and Robert.  (Though, Robert, Peter will never forgive you for being away this time  --without forewarning, no less).  You two have a way of bringing people into your family, whether through blood ties of Perry and Barb, or the bonds of family friends like Susan and Debby --we have become attached to your extended family, as well as to you.  Thank you for everything you do to make us feel welcomed, cared for, and relaxed."

  • Lori Marchak & David Genter  Bozeman & Helena, MT   "Robert & Margo are gracious, lovely and attentive hosts; this is also a great fishing spot, according to David.  A wonderful, isolated location to explore a new relationship.  Thanks to Greg & Deniz for making this memorable visit happen."

  • Joanne Daunt & Chris Mortensen  Portland OR  --"It played out just as we had imagined; a vacation where we could take in the ocean views while sipping a cerveza and cooling off with a little snorkel whenever we needed--  We left a number of things 'undone,' so we'll surely need to return.  Thank you M and R for treating us like old friends.  We are grateful for the inspiring conversations!"

  • Dick & MaryBeth Spears  Spokane, WA   "What a wonderful experience--you made my dreams a reality and one week isn't long enough to take it all in!  I don't know what was my favorite moment--the reef with its amazing life, your lecture, Robert, as we watched the heavens come alive, the fresh lobster -- but it is all seasoned with your humor, wisdom and unsurpassed hospitality.  Thank you so very much for everything, Love, Dick & MaryBeth.  P.S. Next time I need a lesson on launching a kayak from the lagoon dock, so I don't have to swim after it!!!

  • M. Wolfgang Roesler   Evergreen, CO (many yrs visiting) "Without a doubt the most wonderful (3) week family holiday we have ever spent.  Our family of five had an incredibly fantastic vacation never to be forgotten. Margo and Robert (YOUR ENTHUSIASTIC HOSTS) are the warmest, most authentically caring individuals we have ever had the opportunity to encounter in our travels around the globe. Margo, the creme de la creme of hosts and the greatest mixologist in Mexico to boot, specializing in her award winning special secret recipe for Margoritas--  Xcalak can be fully appreciated after partaking in her wonderful libations and company on a breezy moonlit evening on the beach at Sin Duda.  Robert, the ingenious architect and designer of this tropical paradise lodging was available to cater to our every want and need nearly 24 hours a day.  After spending our long holiday at Sin Duda both of our sons want to grow up and in their words "be just like Robert". We should be so lucky !! The accommodations, their masterful design, wonderful ambiance and functionality-- with attention to every conceivable detail were absolutely awesome. The area is a virtual nature preserve and the bay and reef out in front of Sin Duda are unbelievably fantastic. Swimming, snorkeling and diving of the first order are at your doorstep each and every morning you awaken to this Costa Maya Paradise.  All in all fantastic hosts, accommodations and surrounds. We'll be back !!
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  • Julia Marlowe & Roger Swagler, Athens, GA   (With apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge; --and Kubla Khan, for that matter!) In Xcalak did Rob & Marg / An eco-pleasure dome decree/ Where gentle trade winds cool the land/ And tropic currents wash the sand/ There by the sunlit Sea!

  • Jason Lepes & Isabelle Forbes  New Rochelle, NY -- "You've done it again!  Why do we have to do anything except pass the cycles reading, reflecting, relaxing, and enjoying at this paradise of yours?  Between Robert's Yellowtail astronomy and Margo's motherly hospitality, the quirky guests and assuaging breezes--there is so much to MISS about this place and these people.  Thank you for the best "alternative spring break" conceivable.  We can't wait to come back!  Love Jason & Isabelle"

  • Jon & Lainey Cole  Cody, WY  "What a great time here!  Our room and the shared kitchen were both so pleasant.  We loved the beach, the trip to Belize and the fishing trip with Vidal & Rodrigo.  Both of you are very easy to be around, and helpful with questions we had ... thanks so much!"

  • Kitty Forsythe & Family  Iowa City, IA  "Being at Sin Duda is like visiting your favorite aunt and uncle.  Margo and Robert make you feel right at home, immediately --complete with Corgis.  From your first few hours you know all the other guests and your vacation becomes one fantastic house party!"         
    WEBSITE:  Kitty's extraordinary facial products! 

  • Gregor Welpton & Liz BuckDouglas, AK  --  "Time slips away--thief that it is ... birds and fish and time above and below H2O were magnificent.  Made many new friends here, sitting in the Cocina until all hours sipping Margoritas, good conversations.  Only gripe, no Margo--we think she might be merely a myth.  Until next time, thank you!"

  • Jeremy & Kristen David  Durango, CO  --  "We really enjoyed our visit with you--you guys are inspiring!  Our time has been peaceful and quiet and relaxing.  We loved the diving, snorkeling and kayaking; and horseshoes were fun too!  We're going to miss SDV--can't wait to come back.  We wish we had more time to spend here, you've been wonderful and pleasant!  See you next time!"

  • Jim & Tricia Frazee  Gettysburg, PA  "Hospitality that big money can't buy.   Mexico like the old days.   Perfect! and we hate to leave!"

  • Katie Hinman & Pete McHugh  Portland, OR    "We were here for a double birthday and a honeymoon ... a coral-rich Sea, tranquil lagoon, peaceful Caribbean winds, abundant bird and fish life, and the two most gracious and accommodating hosts in all the Yucatan.  What's there not to like?  Thanks much for creating this amazing place and for sharing it with us."

  • Sarah Tendall or Scott Zapotocky  Santa Rosa, CA  " I have to say, I was a little nervous about being away from my family for the first time on Christmas--but Sin Duda set me at ease.  We felt very much at home here and the Christmas spread was the best I've ever had!  Great company and a fabulous schedule of run, coffee, delicious granola! stretching on the roof, bird-watching, kayaking and snorkeling, petting the kittens, Corgis, naming Mr. Squirrel, laughing with the geckos, reading, reading and READING!!!  I have devoured books here and it is the first time in so long I don't feel guilty in the slightest for not planning or reading some teaching philosophy book.  YES!  Finally, practicing what I preach to my students.  Read for fun.  A lot.  Ideally on a fabulous beach with amazing hosts and a snorkeling break or two.  We're sad to go, but already anticipating our next trip down to check out the new restaurant (Rubirosa), can't wait!  Thank you, Margo, Robert, Jaime and Jennifer for all that you did--even letting us help 'play restaurant' making homemade pasta!  I agree about keeping the Beach Road bumpy-- My dad's philosophy, more bumps/ further away = less solicitors and city folk.  Mas tranquilidades, better gente!  Scott & Sarah"
    BLOG: Our Cycling Adventures

  • Ken Simpson, Arlene Boop, Adam Simpson  Brooklyn, NY --  "Margo & Robert, this has to be one of the world's great "end of the road" places--and we hope it stays that way.  So, keep 'burning those bridges!'  We had a lovely time, lovely family atmosphere, and we hope to be back to explore more of Yucatan and just plain relax."

  • Jan & Tom Marshall  Seattle WA  "We so love what you have created here and your ceaseless generosity.  The drinks and dinners were great, Corgis great fun and you delivered perfect weather, a LUNAR ECLIPSE and NO BUGS!  Truly amazing.  We loved the beach and the snorkeling, every unique piece of art and perhaps next time, Tom will have practiced his "horseshoeing"!  You two are the best, I cannot imagine better hosts.  M & R, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, with love."

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  • Greg & Melinda Turner  Petersburg, PA  --  "We absolutely love it here!  M and R have been wonderful.  Our visit has been renewing for the soul.  The breezes and sunshine, the snorkeling, the fishing, the food--everything has been great.  Oh! and I can't forget the octopus during a night snorkel on the Reef.  Thanks to Deniz and Greg for recommending wqhat has been one of our favorite destinations.  We will be back!  Thanks so much, Greg & Melinda.  P.S.  Watch out for the Margo-ritas!

  • Katherine Thompson & Ken Meyers, White Bird, ID -- (Fishing each spring for 7 yrs to 2012)  "Had a great time with fishing, relaxing, snorkeling, etc.  Big thank you to Ruth, Maria, Jose and Evaristo, and all the wonderful people of Xcalak.  I would wish the United States could be as good and welcoming to you!

  • Elden & Margie Rosenthal  Lake Oswego, OR   "DO NOT PLAY HORSESHOES with Robert for $$!  Wonderful time--Thanks!"

  • Janice & Jan  DesMoines IA --  "Once is not sufficient!  You'll see." 
    WEBSITE:  Jan's Hand-Painted Silks  BLOG:  Huephoria

  • Jo Ann Shafer  Ashland OR    "Awesome place and people!  M and R, thank you so much for sharing your home, your wisdom and your Margoritas!  Being the "celestial stalker" I finally figured out how to dance around the motion sensor light that surprised me the first night as I stride out to the beach 'au natural'.  Looking forward to a return trip and playing with the pups!

  • Vico Rust / Erika Fairman / Mike & Mary Louise Rust  Seattle, WA  Los padres' second visit! So much love!  We're already planning next year's trip--maybe even bringing a few new faces! (4th, 5th to 6 yrs)

  • Sandra, Wes & Cole Shugart, Brentwood, TN -- "We could never have chosen a more perfect place to spend our vacation--our time here was special and will never be forgotten!  Peace & beauty, the magical sea, the sun, moon & stars--Paradise!  Thank you, Robert for your incredible knowledge and thank you Margo for your beautiful color!  We can't wait to come back.  [Cole: I had a wonderful time.  It was great when Robert told us about the stars; and I know my mom and dad loved your margaritas, they were talking about it all night.]"

  • Kate Beckley  Eugene OR -- "This place is truly amazing!  Margo & Robert & Mariano are kind, generous, fabulous people.  I am in love w/this Village, the Sea, the sky the Veggie-Truck, little old Margarita, the weather, the architecture, and the calm atmosphere.  Plan on coming back & back & back!  Love you guys!

  • Noah and Ro  San Francisco CA  "Oh, it is so hard to leave--what a wonderful, tranquil spot of paradise.  Margo, I feel we have a second "home" down here now--thank you for your warmth and for creating such a little paradise."

  • Amy, Barry & Christian   Mill Valley, CA -- (8 yrs visiting to 2012)  My husband and son stumbled quite by chance upon this oasis perched right on the Belize Reef. Never have we experienced warmer hosts, or a more dazzling snorkel experience. We have been all over the Yucatan and nothing compares. It's like a big fish bowl.. great for kids.. and although you are quite removed from any city annoyances, comfort is not compromised. We will be returning to this spot again and again.. in it we have found the pinnacle of vacation experiences. --   Our 5th visit- SDV has once again shown me the unexpected hues of paradise.  It's never easy to say goodbye, but I know that after this visit every breeze will be a trade-wind to me.  We love you, Margo & Roo It just gets better … every trip down here (our 9th visit ); this time a butterfly migration – the COLORS of which I cannot begin to describe.  Guitar music in the moonlight, Rhain’s beautiful voice; crystal clear snorkeling, Christian caught a tarpon in the laguna!  Oh, and the day in Belize …. on and on.  We love you, M&R.

  • Barb Baldwin, Jean Wylie,  Seattle, WA ( 7 yrs visiting to 2012)  "This must be the most relaxing spot on the planet.  Thank you, Margo and Robt for all you do to make a vacation special.  The scenery is more spectacular than ever, the Margoritas wonderful, and the Corgis x3, now 4, so fun to watch.  This is our 5th trip, see you next year!"

  • Loomis, Monthie, Ball + Weaver Families  CA, WA & WA--Thanks, Margo & Robert for a super reunion week in one of the world's most beautiful spots.  Great snorkeling right off the beach!  What a find, as yet totally unspoiled by development, this spot is magical and your hotelito is perfect.  Thank you, thank you, thank you (Margo-ritas -- si!)

  • Knick Knudsen & Meg Courtnage  Portland OR --   "We had an absolutely superb time.  Aside from the awsome location & great room it was so much fun staying up late and talking with Margo & Robert.  Had a fantastic time at the season opening of the Leaky Palapa.  You two are great hosts."

  • Christie Withers/ Hilary Wogan & Zander  Vashon WA    "The comment box is too small to adequately express our gratitude, awe, wonder, wow and the absolutely delightfulness of our time here.  Only missing ... Margo & Roberto!  Thank you, Mariano, you're a great host!  Loved those four-leggeds too.  Kisses to you and of course we'll be back--Zander says--next time for 7 weeks!"

  • Cherie & Denny Sturgis, Allegan, MI   “Our memories of Sin Duda will last forever; terrific friendships, endless beach, stars, fish and food.  Sin Duda speaks for itself; thanks for sharing the beauty!

  • Lynda & Tony Spence   Belcarra , BC Canada -- A little piece of turquoise sea to rest the mind and bones.  Sin Duda exceeded our expectations.  How DO you do it, Robert and Margo … remain so very pleasant when being asked the same questions for the 100th time?  Oh, and for ALL the rest of you … if the SHRIMP MAN comes by in his truck – BUY THEM!!!  Until next time, L&T 

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  • Karen & Jon Poffenberger, Northfield MA   "Thanks Margo and Robert for making our vacation the best.  Beautiful place, great people and extremely relaxing; Margoritas are the coolest though one too many can be dangerous.  PS Sometimes, the mosquitoes suck.  That said, I’m sure we’ll be back, Thanks." 

  • Maya Travaglia & Chuck Hugo  S. Berwick ME   "This is our 2nd trip to SDV and we have had a wonderful time!  Our spirits lifted as we entered to say "Hi" to Margo & Robert-- to walk to the ocean and into our beautiful room--truly better than coming home!  We look forward to coming back next year, whether to lay on the beach or visit some of the interesting and beautiful spots to the north and south!"

  • Steven Kirby (BBC) London, England-Vancouver, British Columbia, CA-- "Sin Duda Villas-- A jewel in the eye of a lotus.  All power to Margo and Robert.  Let's hope we will all learn from their example about the true value of a place so precious, and yet sadly, so rare.  Dear Margo and Robert, you have truly been the perfect hosts and so much more.  It breaks my heart to have to leave, but I hope to come back soon."

  • Tom and Lee Anne Godfrey, Tucson AZ  Good times! Good times!  We enjoyed every aspect of this marvelous place--even the drive down the awful Beach Road during a torrential downpour.  Thanks for the amazing hospitality, the great coffee! the tasty 'Margo-ritas' and the horse shoes!  I just wish I could have beaten Jaimes at least once!  Truly, the ideal place for our honeymoon.  We will be back!

  • Isabelle and Jason, New York -- "Thank you, thank you for another incredible vacation.  We have had such fun chatting with you about life over those spectacular Margoritas, and meeting all of your lovely friends.  It's hard to leave (always), but we are already scheming about ways to return for visit #4.  Can't wait, but hopefully, memories of Sin Duda sunshine can get us through the nasty Northeast winter.  Much love!!"

  • Cathie Sabatke  Lac Du Flambeau WI   "For once Robin and Bill can't come back home and say, "Mom, you would have LOVED it."  It's been a great experience and I'd celebrate my birthday here any year!  Thank you!

  • Brenda Crane & Jim Sysko  Maine  "Dearest Margo and Robert, once again the healing and comforting spirit of Sin Duda has recharged my batteries and given me the space to dream, walk in the sun and simply rest.  Mucho grasias.  Love and light, Brenda"

  • Paul and Colleen Korpi, Sequim, WA --  "Fan-tab-u-lus-- it cannot possibly get any better than this!  Kudos to Margo and Robert for living their dream and helping us live ours.  Soooo enjoyed the Maya community kitchen, met some great people!!  Thanks for all and loved the "Margoritas."

  • Krista and Bill Cowan, North Vancouver, BC Canada --"Wonderful peaceful escape from reality.  The best snorkeling.  Met the greatest people.  Can't wait to return and try out the restaurant!!!  Adieu, Kris and Bill"

  • Lesley Dave & Kyler  Hay River, Northwest Territories  - (9 yrs of visiting to 2012)  "Peaceful. Pristine. Magnificent Margo. Laughter.  Bonding.  Puppies, puppies, puppies.  Yummy.  Blues & Greens.  FUN!  Beautiful.  Music.  Sharing.  Spiritual.  Sweet.  Paradaiso.   We adored our stay and mixing our lives with yours.  It was fantastic.  Kisses, Les, Kyler and Dave."

  • Kathy Pace  Gooseberry Hill, UT -- " This was, in short, the best trip of my life.  I so appreciated having the two of you smooth the way on everything from the Travel Instructions to recommendations of "food & the Spanish words for them off the grocery truck," to which way to snorkel FIRST.  I've never had the luxury of personal guides like you, who took care of every detail, as you did.  I've always wished for a local person to ask the many little questions I have.  You were FULL of information -- and kind and patient and helpful in your answers.  You were so dear to [my niece], Vannie, and enthusiastic about her arts, hats and painted shells, etc.  I loved my diving trips; your gorgeous and artsy home with so many books and beachcomber collections.  I loved your friends and family with whom we shared beach chairs.  Snorkeling was pristine and full of wonder.  Thanks for all these pieces of your lives:  The kayaks -- they spoiled me; the recipes for everything from cactus to guacamole; for your contribution of wine, no less, for our "Chicken Marsala;" for the map to a far village for church, and the arrangements for Belize trips.  You are the best of hosts in my travels.  I am wearing my Sin Duda tee shirt, as I write this, another of your gracious kindnesses.  I thrilled to seeing the stars through Robert's knowledgeable eyes.  I have seen the planets' steady light every night since.  I hope in my old age I can hang on to the memories of this trip, to always keep things bright.  A highlight of my life.  The 'sisters' week at Sin Duda (4 sets of sisters) was a curiously powerful and unique experience.  My appreciation for creating a wonderful and relaxing time by all the "extras."  

  • Melisa & Pete  Oakland CA  -- "Maravillosa!  This simply isn't enough space to do justice.  Email us.  We'll miss you, Margo, Corgis x3 and the Kittys."

  • Leslie & Caryatis  Oakland, CA --( "Thanks for being so welcoming and helpful; in addition to the fun stuff--hammocks and hideaways, we appreciate the attention to environment--ecological uses of power and water.  A lovely combination of hospitality and privacy."                                                                       

  • Francisco and Judith  St Helena, CA --  "The rave review you received in the "Yucatan," Lonely Planet was not exaggerated.  Your patience with our questions and our conversations was amazing.  You've done a wonderful job enhancing the natural beauty of your beach property in such creative ways.  We enjoyed our relaxing visit . . . and you.  Your generosity, the appeal of your extensive library was especially appreciated.  Buen suerte and affections."

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  • Dean, Cindy, Dustin & Cheridan  Rocky River, OH -- Cancun, Quintana Roo, MX -- (12 yrs of visiting)  "As always it is marvelous here.  IAlways feels like we have come home.  You both do such a wonderful job in letting everyone do his/her own thing while including each in your lives & hospitality."  -Dustin/Cheridan "We love it here and love spending Christmas with you.  You two are so nice and you work hard, you are funny and fun.  We are always sad we have to leave.  Here's a drawing of us on the beach."] Note: (2006) The Smiths have "come home." Their house is finished, they're our neighbors on the beach.  (2008) Living in Cancun full time.

  • Ronna & David  El Cerrito, CA --"The fact that neither I nor anyone else knows today's correct date says it all!  Sin Duda helped put everything in perspective -- simply perfect."

  • Kendrick & Krista   Kansas City, MO  --  "The struggle seems to be to find something to write that has not already been written.  We arrived dusty & hot from our forays on Mayan rocks & found a welcoming breeze, a hypnotic ocean and patent alcoholic concoctions served in severed beer bottles -- a paradise, really, but of course, that's been said.  Thanks for all.  Ahhhh- Robert, your patience amazes me, each question asked and answered, and then some.  How do they makes roofs here?  What are the pipes sticking out?  How does solar energy work?  Tell me again, which one is Leo?  Thanks to you and Margo for such great answers." 

  • Kristy, John, Jodie & Scott  Sitka, AK --  "Paradise found at the end of the road, made all the more sweet by Margo's welcoming smile, the reassurance that at last we'd made it -- Feliz Navidad!  Loved Robert's quick and efficient tour.  Margaritas never tasted so good.  We loved your dogs and will all chuckle with our fond memories of romping with "Mocha" (corgi #3).  Thank you for giving us warmth, hospitality, great company and time to just relax and be ourselves.  So glad we found you, can't wait to come again.  You're always welcome to stay with us in Sitka.  With affections."

  • Comer Family  Jackson, ME -- "I haven't enough words which begin to tell what a lovely, relaxing, amazing time our family has had.  I have to say the best part of Sin Duda are the hosts--Margo and Robert!  The setting is, of course, simply gorgeous, and the remoteness, though initially surprising (probably because we arrived in the middle of the bloody night after a horrendous day) was the next best part (after you two).  Of course, we're used to the whole rural life in Maine anyway.  We loved the San Pedro snorkeling trip (do this!), but be warned about the totally bumping, butt-numbing boat ride it takes to get there and back.  We adored beachcombing, especially further up the coast where we found "Chucky," and various other dolly parts for Robert's collections.  We loved the Corgis--what cuties!  We appreciate we were taken in and made part of your Sin Duda family.  We haven't had such a relaxing vacation which felt as if we were with family, only without the "headaches" of family.  This was superb."

  • Janine and Lamar  Brooklyn, NY --  "As I sit here with a tummy full of lobster, bought off the truck and cooked myself; and after an unbelievable day of scuba diving: rays, rays and more rays! -- I know this is without a doubt the best vacation we've ever had.  Neither one of us can even entertain the thought of leaving.  Thank you, M and R, Corgis and cats for creating this paradise and for sharing it!  A word of warning for future divers -- the Margoritas are irresistible, so best not to schedule a dive for the morning after!  Thank you, M, for sharing the recipe.  Robert, I am amazed by your creativity; your collections are brilliant and contribute to Sin Duda's playful feel.  Spot-the-Cat, thank you for the long, meaningful conversations.  I would never have guessed one little kitty had so much to say!  In all, we've had a perfect time and hope to be back again.  Hasta luego!"

  • Karen, Elise & Andres  Eugene, OR --"An incredible time.  We thank you for your generous hospitality, advice and friendship.  The setting is magnificent.  The rooms are luxuriously simple and simply luxurious.  Fabulous library.  First-time snorkeling was perfect.  Kayaks! Stars! -- (thanks, Robert for showing us Scorpio) -- Beachcombing and dinners with the group at Costa de Cocos.  Andres loved playing horseshoes with Robert & Herbert.  Ten lovely, long days, and our almost-13-year-old was never bored.  We want to come back.  We love all this:  The trip to San Pedro and snorkeling in the Hol Chan Reserve, absolutely unbelievable."  [Andres- "Wow.  Everything was perfect.  Snorkeling was amazing ~ we saw 4 Barracuda and 2 lesser electric rays.  I am so sad we are leaving.  How great, not keeping track of the time or the date.  Margo and Robert are wonderful.  The two little doggies were funny and I loved throwing things for them.  One day we went to Belize for snorkeling in Hol Chan.  It was unbelievable and well worth the money.  We saw a couple of Eagle rays and 2 green Moray eels.  One moray came out of his hole and bit at my knee!  We thought our tour guide was simply the best because he would hold the Nurse sharks and rays for us.  This was so exciting for me that I want to do it again!  Next time, we should drive from Belize to see all the Mayan sites then head up to Xcalak and Sin Duda.  Everything we wanted is here--especially books in the library [for young people too].  We saw two woodpeckers (golden-breasted) one morning along the edge of the selva; we watched the Frigate birds.  Barry (& Amy Volk) made up a new song dedicated to Herb, and sang it at Costa de Cocos.  Amazing.  The dogs swam with Margo, Bubba riding on her back when she snorkeled.  I have to come back!"]

  • Gary & Amanda  American Embassy, Jakarta --"Eternal thanks for letting us share a piece of paradise & a part of your lives w/us.  Here's to "Ginger Tuckers," save a room for us next year."

  • Todd and Lisa   Albany, California  "Exactly what we needed.  A restful, quiet vacation.  SDV is the place of dreams.  Snorkeling was excellent! (Mariano found an eel)  Enjoyed horseshoes, evening cocktails and Margo's stories; Robert's telescope was great.  Barry, Amy, Christian & friend, Griffin (fishermen) were fun to hang around.  We hope to return soon and often.

  • Samara & Owen   London, England -- "I hoped to write an eloquent entry describing Margo & Robert as the perfect hosts & what a piece of paradise they've found.  However, the 'Margoritas' have left my head a little fuzzy, so it's just a rambling entry instead.  Arriving the day after Hurricane Iris, we weren't sure if the road was a river or if Sin Duda had been washed away.  However, our luck was on & we've had 5 perfect days.  I wish we could take "Spot" home as a memento.  Thank you for a lovely holiday."

  • Jan & Jan  Des Moines, IA -- []  "Now that I'm just starting to relax, it's time to leave this beautiful place and your warm hospitality.  Your very detailed planning has made this a prime destination, not to mention the killer "Margoritas," the Gemini meteor showers and Neptune's azure waters.  If there were more space here to write, I'd gush, love, Jan G."  --"Wonderful site, wonderful building, wonderful hosts, wonderful time, Jan B."Jeannette and Hajo  Cologne Germany/Madrid Spain  --"Feeling home in a lost paradise, J"  "Not only a place for making holiday, but the "best" of all for relaxing, snorkeling and fun.  I'm sure we'll come back.  Thank you."

  • Allie & Keith Wimbledon, London, UK --"The five days we spent here in early January 2001 had just one thing wrong with them - they went too quickly. With sun, silence, blue sky and sea (and a few Mayan ruins) in mind, we had found Sin Duda in the pages of the Lonely Planet Guide, visited the website, and were delighted by Margo's welcoming, chatty e-mails from the start. And once we were there - delayed by a day due to the last gas station en route being closed (don't forget to fill up at every opportunity!) - our expectations were exceeded. We were the first guests to stay in the beautiful Querencia apartment, which must make us the first to be awakened each morning by the sun stealing up over the balcony (who wants to shut the shutters when you're so close to the sea?) The beach ingredients at Sin Duda are without fault - almost empty sands curving into the distance on each side of you, a lagoon of ever-changing blues, sensational snorkelling (better than my Great Barrier Reef snorkel experiences), conch shells and coral more common than rocks, and a palm tree curving at EXACTLY the right angle just by our balcony (we accused Margo and Robert of achieving that angle by artificial means...) - but what makes Sin Duda special, without a doubt, is the couple who have created it. Margo and Robert have designed and built a haven that reflects their own warmth, intelligence and creativity. If you're an avid reader: come here and devour the first-class collection of modern fiction. If you're a star-gazer: persuade Robert to share his knowledge and telescope, or simply stand on the roof with one of Margo's justly famous margaritas in your hand and enjoy the spread of stars above you. If you're an early riser: make a cafetiere of coffee and sit out on the balcony to watch the sun rise in total solitude. If you're a dog-lover: cuddle the Corgis. If you're a keen cook: experiment with whatever the grocery truck has to offer and make the pork chops a must. And, if you're lucky enough to have more time than we did - you could always visit Belize, or take diving and sea fishing trips. We were too busy catching up on nothing. We will definitely be back and, when we do, will spend less time in the rest of the Yucatan (although the Mayan sites are magical) and as much as possible at Sin Duda.

  • Maria Isabel   Macungie, PA -- "We came empty and left full.  Our love to Margo & Robert for everything." 


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